We are a university startup company with ambitious goals. Our technology has many applications from diagnostics to therapeutics. We welcome support for our goals from philanthropy, and through investment mechanisms from private and public funding agencies wishing to advance our vision.

Philanthropists - to advance your cause

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the generous philanthropy from the Wexner and Ingram families to the Ohio State University and my laboratory. We hope to continue to advance our technologies and explore new medical frontiers and applications from benefactors that share our vision.

Collaborators - to develop new applications

If you are a scientist or a clinician interested in exploring the application of our technology for new problems, we welcome your input and partnership.

Businesses - to develop partnerships for growth

If you are a pharmaceutical company, private organization or investor interested in funding our work or partnering with us, we welcome inquiries.

Share our vision

Our vision is to use the Neural Organoid Platform to improve human brain health. Neurxstem has embarked on a high tech innovative plan to unravel the mysteries of the nervous system. Our goal is to find, ultimately, treatments for neurodevelopmental and neurological brain disorders. Join us by partnering in whatever way best fits with your personal or professional goals. Together we advance human brain health.