Neural Organoid Platform™

Pharmaceutical development for human central nervous system (CNS) disorders currently use rodent model systems to approximate humans. Despite apparent success in rodent models, most drugs fail in subsequent human clinical trials precisely because they were neither developed in, nor evaluated against a fully human model. Hence, the neural organoid platform is both timely and highly relevant to the validated market opportunity to identify and evaluate potential drugs for toxicity, safety and efficacy on model systems that accurately mimic the human CNS.

Neurxstem is developing products initially delivered using a specialized contract research organization model. The company will provide fee-based testing for drug targets and candidate toxicity, safety and efficacy using its synthetic Neural Organoid Platform™.

Neural Organoid Platform™ addresses significantly all the needs of potential clients for disease mechanism research, target identification, and TSE needs of big Pharma in a “one stop” platform that is highly predictive of human neural physiology.

Custom production of neural organoids from iPSC

Neurxstem will produce neural organoids from customer provided iPSC cells. Neurxstem will fill first quality control iPSC cells to insure they are viable and expand these cells into colonies and then stocks for further use in differentiation protocols. Such colonies will then be differentiated into neural organoids. Control iPSCs are run and analyzed in parallel to insure process integrity and outcome. The iPSC QC process take 2-3 weeks. The differentiation into neural organoids takes 4-14 weeks depending on the time of analyses needed. The whole genome transcriptome analysis takes an additional 2 weeks. Our Neural Organoid Platform™ package thus takes up to 19 weeks total.

Custom screening of drugs for therapy, safety, efficacy

Neurxstem will produce neural organoids from customer its own QC stock of iPSC cells. Disease models with identified mutations are also available. Customer can request testing of drugs at different doses or different times during development and outcomes are provided as whole genome transcriptomes. Typical time lines for this services will vary, depending on volume, and developmental stage of organoids.

Technology Sublicenses

Neurxstem will sublicense the technology to academic institutions and commercial companies and provide technical support during its initial implementation phase. Please inquire.


The Neural Organoid Platform™ is for research and development purpose only. Not approved for direct diagnostic or clinical use in humans.